Club Dress Code

"Countryside is a great place to live! Nice area, nice people, and nice golf course."

dan bollom, homeowner

Countryside is a no-denim of any kind casual club with long pants optional for gentlemen for Friday and Saturday dinners. Requirements for special attire (long pants, jackets) will be posted in specific Event information.

The following items are considered NOT appropriate attire:



  • Hats, denim, tank tops, t-shirts, short shorts, swimsuit attire, work out clothing.

  • Long pants are optional in the evening in the Main Dining Room unless otherwise specified with a casual event.


  • Denim, open midriff tops, short shorts casual halter, strapless or tank tops, t-shirts, swimsuit attire, work out clothing.

  • Evening wear for special events and dining may include strapless dresses or other elegant clothing.


  • Children 13 and over must observe the same dress code

Special Events

  • The dress code will be clearly specified on the event flyer


 Cell Phone Usage Reminder:

Mobile Phones have evolved into more than just phones, with e-mail, internet browser, applications, etc. Therefore, personal electronic devices must be turned off or in silent or vibrate mode while in the clubhouse dining areas. Phone conversations are not permitted.

Thank you.