Playing Tips

"Don't be too proud to take a lesson. I'm not."

jack nicklaus

HOLE #1 - a straight-ahead, medium length opening hole. A drive down the right center of the fairway will give you best angle to the pin.

- a short par 5. Good second shot lay-up is essential to get it close in three and have a run at a birdie.

- a good test, slight draw down center of fairway will give you best chance to get on right level of this large green. Make your 4 and move on.

- a short, narrow par 4. Keep it straight off the tee and you will have an opportunity for 3.

- a short par 4, with a slight dogleg to the left. Put your ball in fairway and you will have a short iron to green.

- a short par 3, with bunkers guarding left and right side. Good chance for a birdie.

- a short uphill par 4, with slight turn to the right. You must guess your yardage right on second shot to narrow green or you will be looking at a bogey.

- a short par 4, where you must keep your drive to the left center of fairway to avoid water down right side coming in from the left.

- most demanding par 3 on the golf course with water in front, right and back of the green. Your club selection is essential.

HOLE #10
- straight ahead par 4. Must put approach shot on right level of this tiered green.

HOLE #11 - longest par 4 on the golf course. You must find the fairway off the tee as left and right of fairway are severely sloped. Mid-iron approach to long, undulated green.

HOLE #12
- a dogleg left, medium length par 4. Tee shot must be long enough to have clear view of approach shot to the green.

HOLE #13
- good par 3 with bunker guarding right front of green and lake on left. You must choose the right club on this hole.

HOLE #14
- narrow par 5 where you must keep your tee shot in fairway. Lay-up second shot to distance you are comfortable with as your approach is to a
large two-tiered green.

HOLE #15
- tee shot favors slight fade as right side of fairway gives you the best angle to a green sloping severely from back to front.

HOLE #16
- take off as much as you dare on this short par 4. Bail out to the left to stay away from lake. From there you will have a short approach shot and
possible birdie.

HOLE #17
- a solid par 3 where you do not want to be short as there is water to the front and right. Be sure to take enough club as green is deceptively large.

HOLE #18
- a great finishing hole. Ideal drive would be down left center of fairway. You must avoid bunkers off the tee. This will leave you with a mid iron to green guarded by bunkers on both sides. Make your 4 here and treat yourself to a beverage in the lounge!