General Information

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General Information ~

Room Capacities 

Specialized seating can be arranged for all events in either our Main Dining Room or Private Dining Room. The Main Dining Room seats up to 210 guests; the Private Dining Room seats up to 45 guests. Ultimate guest counts in either area depend on seating arrangements, buffets, dance floors, etc.


Menu Planning

Menu plans should be completed with our staff a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to your event; exceptions made for circumstances beyond the control of the event planner. A guaranteed number of guests is required three (3) days prior to all events. All charges are based on either the guarantee or actual number served, whichever is greater. All prices are subject to 18% gratuity and 6% sales tax. 

Buffets are available for groups of thirty (30) or more. Please see buffet information included.



Banquet Dress Code

The Countryside Master Association official Dress Code, as it is outlined in the Annual Directory, must be followed at all times, unless specific permission is granted by Management. Male guests 13 years and older are required to wear slacks or dress shorts and collared shirts. Ladies 13 years and older should be dressed comparably with slacks, dresses, pant suits or dress shorts. Denim is forbidden at all times.


Room Set-up Fees

There are no (zero) additional room set-up fees for banquets that exceed a minimum charge of $10 per person excluding tax and gratuity. If room set-up charges are necessary the Main Dining Room is $100++ and the Private Dining Room is $50++. Engager is monetarily responsible for any damages to Countryside property. Countryside is not responsible for any lost items.


Banquet Pricing

Each banquet will be priced individually per person and includes basic linens, set-up, dance floor, centerpieces and basic service personal. The banquet choices listed below are but small glimpse of what is possible. Our staff excels at creating memorable menus specific for each event with the guests preferences always in mind.