Tenant Forms

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Step 1: Complete a Countryside Master Association Tenant Application 
             6 weeks in advance of check-in.
              Print and handwrite the application by clicking this link:   
              **** CLICK HERE

              - OR - Complete the Online Tenant Application by clicking this link:
              ****Click HERE Online Countryside Tenant Application

Step 2: Complete a Local Condominium/Single Family Home HOA I, II & III Application  

             **** Click Here for the Local Condo, HOA 1, HOA 2, HOA 3 and HOA 4 Application    
             **** Click Here for the Country Haven I Condo. Lease Application (7380 St. Ives Way)


*NEW: Frequently Asked Questions for Tenant Process


1. Countryside Master Association Tenant Application
All tenants must complete the Countryside Master Tenant Application and return it to Countryside Golf & Country Club. The tenant transfer fee is listed on your statement and all charges are billed to the credit card on file around the 10th of the following month. To avoid delay of club privileges please stop by the office upon arrival to get your PHOTO taken and  give your Visa or Mastercard information to activate your membership account. If you did not receive your Tenant mailing in advance, stop by the Clubhouse Administration office on the first business day after arrival. Envera, the gate company, will have your name at the Visitor Lane on Davis Blvd. to until you receive your vehicle RAD.  

 For information regarding the status of your application, please go to our website, Countrysidegcc.net --> Rental Information --> Tenant Status

 2.  Local Condominium HOA I, II, and  III Application:  
All tenants renting a Condo/Unit, or single family home in  HOA I, II, and III must complete the Local Condominium/HOA form.
Please contact the local association with your questions. For all areas requiring approval, the tenant must complete the Local Condo Assoc. Tenant Application; some units require additional paperwork.  Send completed paperwork with payment to the designated Local Association.

      Country Haven I Condominium Application: 
All tenants renting a Condo/Unit in 7380 Saint Ives Way must complete this application.
Please contact the local association, Anchor, with your questions.