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Whatever your interests, Countryside offers many activities to select from. The following events are sponsored by club members. Recreation is not hard to find!
  • Art Club
    • ART CLUB

      Join the Art Club; it's a great place to make new friends, relax and enjoy one another's special gift. Bring your paints and have fun!

      When & Where:   (seasonal)

      Mondays Annex Building (former Realty Building)
      1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

  • Bocce Ball

    • Bocce Ball: (seasonal)

      Play schedules are posted in community.

      Countryside Bocce Association
      Contact: Bill Noordermeer at 605-280-8932 or email

      Country Haven Bocce Ball: (seasonal)
      Contact: Charlie Mizucco at 239-352-1778

  • Book Club

    • Enjoy Great Discussions While Making New Friends!

      All are welcome!

      Time: The book clubs meets every month in season at 10:30 am
      Location: Wellness Center

      Following each meeting you are welcome to stay and have lunch together.

  • Bowling League


      Countryside Women's Bowling League is a fun way to spend a couple hours on Monday mornings during season. We start at 9am and bowl three games, so we're usually finished by 11am.

      It doesn't matter if you haven't bowled for 20 years or even if you've never bowled! We're there to have fun and to socialize with our neighbors.


      Mondays at am (Seasonal Only)

      Bowland Woodside, 8525 Radio Lane, Naples 

  • Bridge
    • Bridge Schedule

      Men’s Bridge Classes: Tuesdays at 9:00am (Seasonal)

      Women’s Bridge Classes: Mondays at 9:00am (Seasonal)

      Couples Dinner Bridge: Thursdays (Year Round)

      Couples Marathon Bridge: As Scheduled (Seasonal)

      Women’s Rubber Bridge: Mondays at 12:30pm, (Year Round)

      Women’s Marathon Bridge: Wednesdays at 12:00pm noon (Seasonal)

      Women’s Duplicate Bridge, Fridays at 12:00pm noon (Seasonal)

  • Cards
    • Men

      Weds., Fri., 1 pm Annex Building (former Realty Office)
      Summer - Tuesday - Friday - Annex Building (former Realty Office)

  • Cycle Club
    • After a series of informational gatherings, an informal cycling club has been created at Countryside.

      Interested individuals should be aware that the Club (Countryside Cyclists) will provide cycling opportunities to persons of all skill levels, including road cyclists and bike path riders. It will act as a clearing house to match those cyclists who share similar bicycle skills and goals. Seasoned cyclists will act as guides to those who wish to expand their riding area and explore the bikeways and bikepaths of Naples and SW Florida.

      Ride Times- Varies

      CONTACT: Bob Melucci, cycling liaison at 239-302-3039 or  for further information.

  • Day Trippers


      The Day Trippers Club is a great way of traveling and site-seeing area attractions with your friends and neighbors while having fun and building memories. We are a group that take day trips to interesting places within a 3 hour bus trip from Naples. The trips include transportation, a meal (lunch or dinner), taxes/tips, and gratuities for the driver.

      For more information contact:
      Judy Reynolds at 978-502-6342 or 239-307-1296


  • Garden Club


      Countryside, being a participant of the Blue Zones Project, wanted to grow our own vegetables and herbs. We have two above ground wooden garden boxes located by the Clubhouse bocce courts.

      We currently have the following growing in our gardens:
      Cauliflower, Peppers (purple, green and red), Tomatoes (beefsteak and cherry), Radish, and pole beans (from seed), Parsley (curly and flat), Basil and Rosemary.

      The vegetables & herbs harvested are placed in the Clubhouse lobby and on our website for display. 

  • Mah Jongg
    • All Mah Jongg Players Welcome!

      When: Mondays & Wednesdays Afternoon

      Time: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
      Location: Golfview Room

      When:Tuesday Evenings
      Time: 6:30pm - 9:30 pm
      Location: Golfview Room

  • Tennis
    • The Countryside...
      Tennis Association Competition & Camaraderie

      by: Andy Brovey

      Countryside has an active Tennis Association and we invite you to join us! We have players of various abilities and offer many clinics to help improve your game. We also sponsor several tennis social events in season, including pizza parties, a charity tournament and an annual banquet. You can exercise, have fun and meet new folks at the same time. The cost to join our Tennis Association is just $20 annually.

      In 2017 we began play at our new tennis complex, one that rivals any in our area. The Har-Tru court surface is easy on the body and allows a more controlled game that suits both beginners and advanced players. Shaded seating, an ice machine, water fountain and convenient restrooms will keep you refreshed. All four courts are lighted for evening play with each court controlled by a separate on/off switch. A bulletin board with tennis announcements is adjacent to the walkway near court one. We also have a tennis ball recycling program. The recycling container is mounted between courts two and three.

      We sponsor numerous clinics for novices and those looking to improve specific skills. Ourpro leads these sessions and also offers private and small group lessons. We also have a new ball machine you can use to improve your game. See “Tennis Ball Machine” below.

      Countryside Tennis Association supports recreational players as well as those wanting competitive league tennis. We invite you to join us for friendly doubles, tournament play or both! Our members get together mornings starting at 8 am for open play. Women meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Men meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday at 9 am we enjoy mixed doubles. We also have two men’s teams that play a 10 week schedule against other clubs in the area. The ladies also arrange matches with other nearby clubs during the season.

      We sponsor several tennis social events in season including pizza parties, a charity FUNdraiser and an annual banquet where we dine and dance. Our February FUNdraiser features tennis games anyone can play, with prizes for game winners and prize drawings for all who participate. We have a terrific time while raising funds to support a local charity.

      Many of our members continue play at Countryside throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us! Have questions or want to learn more about Countryside tennis? Please contact any of your Tennis Association board members. You’ll find us in the directory or at the courts!

      Andy Brovey
      Sylvia Ruiz-Byrne
      Diane Dick
      Thea Puttock
      Joe Catalano


      New Pro for 2020 Season!

      Elias Zaghra is a tennis pro originally from Berlin, Germany. He has been a passionate tennis player since early childhood and loves the game of tennis. He has been teaching tennis to all age groups and skill levels for over a decade, and started his own tennis business while working as a tennis pro at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Naples.

      Elias won the Berlin championship as a junior. During that time his coach was Guenter Bosch, former coach of Wimbledon Champion Boris Becker. Elias came to Florida to play college tennis and ended his final season with a record of 11-3.

      Elias will lead clinics, skills sessions and other fun events on the courts Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings beginning January 8. Please check the bulletin board for weekly postings of activities beginning in January. You can sign up for all tennis/pro activities at the courts.

      You may also schedule private, semi-private and small group sessions with Elias, on your own.

      Phone: 239-307-8643 E-mail:


      Tennis Shoes
      Tennis shoes must be worn on clubhouse courts. No other footwear is permitted. Athletic shoes not made for tennis tend to tear up the Har-Tru surface.

      Tennis Attire

      MEN: Tennis shorts. Collared shirts or tasteful crew-neck shirts made for tennis. Warm-ups when the weather requires.
      WOMEN: Tennis shorts, tennis skirts, tennis tops or tennis dresses. Warm-ups when the weather requires.
      Tennis attire may be worn in the Lakeview Lounge during lunch only.

      Tennis Etiquette
      Good tennis etiquette won’t give you a bigger serve or a better backhand, but it will make you a more enjoyable partner and player. Here are eight suggestions.
      1. Be mindful of your volume and language. Outbursts and profanity are not good behavior. Keep chatter to a minimum while playing.
      2. Announce the score when serving before each new point is played. Keep score of games played on the scoreboard.
      3. If you need to cross an occupied court to access yours, cross only between points.
      4. Make line calls clearly and promptly. Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt if you’re unsure.
      5. While it’s fine to celebrate a good shot, it’s not polite to celebrate when your opponent makes an error.
      6. Waiting for an open court or watching others? Be respectful and don't distract the players.
      7. Win or lose, when you’re finished take a moment to thank your partner and opponents.
      8. Evenings and weekends - please brush the court when you finish.

  • Water Aerobics

    • Water Exercise Class Schedule

      Class 1-
      Day & Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9 AM - 10 AM. (year round)
      Instructor: Sharon Siciliano
      Location: Main Clubhouse Pool

      Class 2-
      Day & Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10AM -11AM (season hours)
      Instructor: Lorraine Gilbert
      Location: Main Clubhouse Pool

      This group is led by our own members, and is open to all Countryside residents. We use foam noodles, and aquatic foam weights.

      Other Countryside areas also have started their own pool groups in their condo pools. Usually, since those pools are smaller, their membership is limited to those living there, and their guests. There is no fee or charges to participate in any of the water programs.

      People looking for a group should check their condo area, or come join us at the Countryside Club pool!

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