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Homes for Rent

  On July 1, 2019 Countryside Master Association implemented the following changes to our rental approval process.

Transfer Fees

All transfer fees will be billed to the Owner’s Countryside Membership Account upon receipt of the Master Association Rental Application. Fees below include one vehicle tag and one amenity access proxy card.

2019-2020 Transfer Fees will be as follows:
Golf Membership Transfer Fee $283.43 plus tax*
Social Membership Transfer Fee $158.43 plus tax*
Rental Transfer – No privileges $112.25 plus tax*

*There will be a late fee of $100 added to rental transfers received less than 15 days in advance of your tenant arriving.

Changes to the approval process

Owner’s choosing to rent their properties will be responsible for completing and submitting the rental application for the Master Association. As the Owner, by completing this form you are informing the Master Association that you approve or do not approve the transfer of your membership rights to your tenant for the length of their stay. The Owner’s account will be billed the appropriate rental transfer fee upon receipt of the completed Master Association Rental Application. Please refer to the detailed three step process included.

Should you have questions on this process, please contact our administration office.

Best Regards,
Joe Smith
General Manager / Chief Operating Officer